What to Do If Your Blood Sugar Is Too High

High Blood Sugar

Frustrating Blood Sugar Readings

We understand how frustrating monitoring your blood sugar can be. Sure your blood sugar can go through the roof if you binge on your favorite treats, but what about when your reading is up for seemingly no reason at all?

That’s when the frustration sets in for most diabetics. You try to monitor your levels and do everything the doctor tells you, but then suddenly you’re dealing with levels that seem to make no sense at all. This is when a lot of diabetics give up on testing completely.

Don’t give up on testing!

don't get frustrated with your blood sugar

One thing to remember with your blood sugar level is that you need to look at the big picture. Try to find the patterns of your personal ups and downs, and never feel down on yourself for a bad reading. This is not your fault! Studies have shown that high readings can often times bring on depression and feelings of being a failure. Which as a result can further worsen your blood sugar readings because of the stress & anxiety…

We’re going to break down a few ways you can bring your blood sugar reading back down when you get a high reading, regardless of how it happened!

When Are You Testing?

This might go without saying for some of us long time diabetics, but you need to test your blood sugar before you eat, as well as 2 hours after!

This will help you understand how well your medication is currently working, or not working for that matter! It will also help you get a better understanding of what foods are boosting your blood sugar levels too high.

Making Small Changes For Big Results

You can try to get in some extra exercise, or maybe just limit your carbs for a meal, but again you need to remember that one reading that is high is not a reason necessarily for panic.

There are lots of resources online. Ebooks, diet plans, etc. If you missed it, we posted a while back on a simple 60-second-method that has helped reverse my type 2 diabetes.

Find The Pattern

Highs and lows are completely natural. Sometimes it can just be our bodies way of compensating. You might wake up one morning and get a high blood sugar reading, and then get a low reading the next morning. It really only becomes a concern if you start to see a pattern with your readings.

For example: if you get a high reading every morning, this can mean that your liver is producing too much sugar during the night. This can be a serious problem that may require medication or modifications to your current medication.

Consult Your Doctor

It can never hurt to get your doctor to look at you, right? I think this probably goes without saying to most of us, but for the people that need that massive push to make a doctor appointment, we are looking at you! If you’re seeing consistent blood sugar readings all over the map, you need to see your doctor to see what is going on. Don’t stress about what it could be, just make an appointment to put your mind at ease!

Retrace Your Steps

If you get a blood sugar reading that comes back high, try to think back to what may have caused it. Sometimes it can just be something as simple as a glass of juice you drank, or that extra piece of pie you had for dessert last night. There is no need to panic just because you got a random high reading.

If you are consistently getting high readings, you should definitely consult your health care professional.

Eliminate Some Stress!

Who would have thought this? We all know stress can lead to health issues, but did you know that stress can cause your blood sugar to get all out of whack? It’s true, some people can get wild fluctuations in their blood sugar readings just from the stress that they have on them.

So give yourself a break. The more you worry, the more things seem to get worse.

My challenge for you is to go sit back and relax, read a nice book, take a calming walk to clear your mind, and remember, as bad as you feel today, everything is going to be okay!

How Do You Manage Your Blood Sugar?

We want to hear from you. Leave a comment below letting our readers know how you manage your blood sugar. Do you have any unique tips or tricks?

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